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Finding support and help: how your community can make a difference

There are many ways to create something sustainable in your community, something that lasts and impacts generations to come. One idea for doing something sustainable is to join or help plant a community garden. Not only does a garden provide produce and goods to the local neighborhood—particularly in undeserved areas—but it’s also a great way to bring people together. Do what you can by planting, harvesting, weeding, or whatever is needed.

Another sustainable idea for making a difference is to join a program such as Habitat for Humanity and volunteer to build affordable housing for communities in need. Over a couple of weeks, you can help provide a brand new home to someone in need that will take care of their family for years.

WWhen you volunteer, you give your energy and skills to help other people. No matter how or where you volunteer, whether at a food bank, hospital, youth center, school, senior home, or animal shelter, you can make a difference in your community. All you have to do is complete a quick search online to find the right volunteer opportunity near you where you can give back to your community in a big way.

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